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Are you ready to build your own house in South Africa? That’s definitely an exciting step in your life. There are several people you are going to need to work with, so your dream can come true. One of the most important people is a general contractor. However, before you start working with your general contractor, there are several things you will want to know. Read on to find out what questions you must ask your general construction company in Gauteng.

Have You Used Other Names Before?

This is one of the most important questions to ask. Remember that companies can change names. If you want to capture any red flags, ask your contractor if they have gone by any other names in the past. A construction company that has changed names several times can be a bit difficult to trust. For instance, what if they changed their name because of a bad reputation or angry customers?

Do You Have a Permanent Office?

It’s important to ensure that you work with a company that has a physical location. That way, if you have a complaint, you can easily visit their offices and get things clarified for you. A permanent address will at least give you the assurance that they have the means to see a project through. Companies that don’t have a permanent address can be difficult to get hold of should things go south.

Do You Have A Safety Plan?

A safety plan is a set of guidelines and regulations that help ensure that construction workers adhere to health, environmental, and job-safety measures. A professional contractor should be able to supply you with a specific and detailed plan, including an up-to-date insurance policy and contact details for the insurance agent.

Is your Company Licensed and Registered

If you want to hire a reliable general construction company in South Africa, it’s crucial to ensure that the company is registered and licensed. That’s the only way to be sure that you are working with a professional. You can also ask if they have any extra certificates and awards to prove their competence.

How Long Have You Been Building Houses

Experience is still the best teacher. A general construction company that has been operating for a lot of years would have gathered a lot of experience and references. Therefore, you should also ask them for recent and old references from people they have built homes for. Ask previous clients if there were any issues that came up years after their homes were built.

How Do You Deal With Complaints

From time to time, a general construction company can receive complaints from clients. This is normal. The important thing is to find out how they deal with those complaints. If you have seen any particular issues online, ask about how they managed to resolve the issue.

Do You Give Warranties

A reliable contractor should stand by his work. The first thing you need to verify is whether the general contractor you want to work with is certified to install certain products. If not, working with them can violate the manufacturer’s warranties. Next up, you must also find out if the contractor gives warranties for their finished jobs. That can be an indication that they trust their results and therefore stand by them. 

MotoPro Construction is NHBRC Accredited

What does NHBRC accreditation mean for the client? 

Before you hire a builder for your home, you must first:

  • Request to see their current registration certificate.
  • Call the NHBRC to verify whether the company is still registered.
  • Inspect some of the homes constructed by the builder.
  • Talk to past clients
  • Ask if the builder provides a home building contract
  • Thoroughly go over the terms and conditions of the contract.
  • Keep your own copy of the written and signed construction contract.
  • Keep proof of all payments made to the construction company
  • Once the home is complete, draft a list of all defects before you move in.
  • Hand this list to the builder within 90 days of occupation.

NHBRC accreditation is one of the most reliable warranties you can ever receive. 

In the event that a builder can’t rectify reported defects, the NHBRC will rectify the defects after you have submitted a complaint. This is why you must never work with a construction company that is not NHBRC accredited.

What Are Your Payment Terms

This is one of the most fundamental questions. Price is very important whenever you are hiring a service provider. It is important to ensure that everything is as detailed as possible when it comes to pricing. For instance, are there any costs if you have to bring back to the contractor to correct some errors? Also, is there a specific payment period? Lastly, what are the payment methods?

Are you finally ready to hire a general contractor? MotoPro construction is one of the most reliable general construction companies in Gauteng. Our work speaks for us. If you are interested in viewing our portfolio, get in touch with us, and we will send you our list of the houses we have built and their locations.