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We’ve Been Building For Over 13 Years

Since 2008, MOTOPRO boasts more than 13 years of highest quality work and craftsmanship. With more than a decade’s worth of experience and competence, we pride ourselves in completing sustainable structures to partner with your vision.

From laying the foundation for your investment to planning delicately beautiful orchids in your garden, our approach to construction is unique in that we are with you at every step of the process.

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We are a well-respected company, which is proud of its technical proficiency in all areas. We also have steadfast values, which include a commitment to safety and quality.

Our business includes: Building (both commercial and residential);

Plumbing from household plumbing to large-scale commercial plumbing to pipelines and large-scale reticulation.

Does MotoPro Provide Job Estimates

Yes, we can provide estimates for both cost and time. Our goal is to arrive at the construction site within 24 hours pending geographical location. This especially applies to construction projects in and around Gauteng province. All our estimates are provided in writing.

Who comes out to give the estimate?

We have several qualified representatives who can come out to assess the job and give you an estimate.

For how long will the estimate be valid?

Generally, our job estimates remain valid for 30 days. However, in some instances, markets can be a bit volatile, and estimates only hold prices for a week. The only estimate that rarely changes is the one for how long it might take to complete a job.

Do you sub-contract?

Sometimes we do. However, the only subcontractors we work with are those that have been partners with MotoPoro for several years.

Do you have a portfolio of your previous projects?

Yes. We have a very detailed gallery with pictures of our work. You can view pictures per project or you can generally browse and see the kind of work that we do.

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